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        Welcome 樂清市京普電氣有限公司!

        Tel: 0577-61756677
        WeChat: 13706609577
        • JP-113L /JP-123L

        JP-113L /JP-123L

        Classification:First generation


        Contact Fax:0577-61758577

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        Company address:浙江省樂清市柳市鎮龍井路

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        Classic Industry Applications

        Jingpu is committed to the development of high-performance connector products, with dozens of patents and a number of international authoritative certifications.

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        Tel: 0577-61756677

        • Fax:0577-61758577
        • Mobile:13706609577
        • Official website: www.banyakilmu.com
        • Address:浙江省樂清市柳市鎮龍井路

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