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        Welcome 樂清市京普電氣有限公司!

        Tel: 0577-61756677
        WeChat: 13706609577

        Yueqing Jingpu Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various industrial plug and socket connectors

        Date:2018/3/26 13:21:56    Visits:

        Yueqing Jingpu Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plugs, sockets, connectors and waterproof socket boxes.

        We have advanced and perfect testing equipment, production technology, strict implementation of quality control, established a quality assurance system with our characteristics, to ensure that the production process of products and the quality management of enterprises are completely under quality control.

        Our industrial plugs, sockets and connectors have the advantages of dust-proof, waterproof, splash-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-dropping, flame-retardant, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, etc. They are easy to connect and stable to connect. This series of products are widely used in steel smelting, petrochemical industry, power, electronics, railway, construction site, airport, mine, mining field, drainage treatment plant, port, wharf, shopping mall, Hotel and other enterprises under various working conditions. It is new as imported equipment power supply, fittings and maintenance spare parts for connectors. A generation of ideal power supply devices.

        The company's products sell well in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions at home and abroad, as well as in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, and are favored by businessmen. Credit is the cornerstone of the company, customers are the God of the company, quality is the life of the company. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to come and guide us, and work together to create brilliance.

        Tel: 0577-61756677

        • Fax:0577-61758577
        • Mobile:13706609577
        • Official website: www.banyakilmu.com
        • Address:浙江省樂清市柳市鎮龍井路

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