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        Welcome 樂清市京普電氣有限公司!

        Tel: 0577-61756677
        WeChat: 13706609577

        Product Application Center

        The company specializes in the production of plugs, sockets, connectors and waterproof socket boxes.

        Specializes in the production of plugs.


        Company Industry

        Yueqing Jingpu Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plugs, sockets, connectors and waterproof socket boxes.We have advanced and perfect testing equipment, production technology, strict implementation of quality control, established a quality assurance system with our characteristics, to ensure that the production process of products and the quality management of enterprises are com…

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        Tel: 0577-61756677

        • Fax:0577-61758577
        • Mobile:13706609577
        • Official website: www.banyakilmu.com
        • Address:浙江省樂清市柳市鎮龍井路

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